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The Avenue

The Avenue Trailhead is a great place to explore Harran Hill Wood, with it's beautiful blue bell woods in May or to climb over the 'Sleeping Giant' Benarty Hill down to RSPB Loch Leven and the Loch Leven Heritage Trail.

Find out about individual walks below

Round the Loch

The walk around the loch takes in a range of landscapes including the grasslands, farmland, reed beds and the attractive woodlands of the Nature Reserve.  It also gives an insight into how and where our ancestors lived during the Bronze Age. Short detours take you to viewing points in Cadgers wood and to the hide.    

Wide, smooth surfaced paths throughout with short, moderate slopes on the Clune.  There are wide gates at several points and two bridges. One section is shared with traffic.    

3 1/2 miles/ 6 km - 2 hours

Harran Hill and the Oak Trees

A delightful walk at any time of the year.  Whether enjoying the greens of spring or the golds of autumn you’ll see hazel coppice, ancient woods, veteran trees and all the wildlife that makes its home in these ancient woodlands.       

Two fairly steep slopes on a wide track with uneven sections which can be muddy after rain. Includes a grassy field crossing, several gates and a stile.      

3 1/2 miles/5.6km - 2 hours

Around the Pit Road

A circular route  that takes the north shore of the loch, the old pit road and sheltered woods round the golf course giving a combination of  being among trees, alongside laid hedges and distant views.

A level route with varying surfaces, mostly wide with narrower uneven earthy sections through woods which may be muddy after rain. One kissing gate and four wide gates.

3 miles/ 4.8km - 1.5 hours

Sleeping Giant - Lochore Meadows to RSPB Loch Leven

A spectacular walk beginning at Lochore Meadows Country Park, climbing through the ancient Harran hill Woods, over Benarty Hill with spectacular views across Loch Leven and the north, then down the Vane hill woods to RSPB Loch Leven, a gateway to Loch Leven Heritage Trail.

Mostly well-made paths with one road crossing and a series of steps in Benarty wood. The route has long steep sections and several gates with an exposed portion over the summit.

4.5 miles/ 7.1km - 3 hours