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Scotlandwell Trailhead

Welcome to Scotlandwell, which takes its name from the Well whose health-giving waters bubble up under a canopy erected in 1858 by local laird Thomas Bruce of Arnot (1808-91). Portmoak Parish Church is a great starting point to explore the stunning landscape of the Bishop Hill, Portmoak Moss and the shores of Loch Leven.


Find out about individual walks below

Portmoak Church to the Bishop Hill

A steep climb from the car park at Portmoak Parish Church through Kilmagad Wood to the summit of the Bishop Hill, which provides a stunning vantage point from which to admire the view westwards over Loch Leven and eastwards over the Lomond Hills. You can also watch gliders take off from the airfield of the Scottish Gliding Centre and rise on thermals close to the face of the hill. For a longer walk join up with the blue waymarkers for the Bishop Hill loop.

Long steep, slopes with paths that can often be muddy. Care should be

taken on the descent back to the car park. There are self-closing and kissing


1½ miles, 2.5km - 1 hr (each way)

Bishop Hill Loop

This walk offers ever changing views of Fife and beyond. Enjoy the wonderful heather moorland and the great vista down Glen Vale to the hills of Perthshire. Great wild hill walking with rewarding views of the shimmering Loch Leven.

Fairly steep wide gravelled track to Harperleas Reservoir leading to narrow earthy paths often muddy after rain. Some long, steep slopes, self-closing and

kissing gates on the way.

6 3/4 miles, 11km - 5 hrs

The Michael Bruce Way

Dedicated to the memory of the poet Michael Bruce, the Michael Bruce Way connects the Kinross-shire villages of Kinnesswood and Scotlandwell via the lower slopes of the Bishop Hill, Kilmagad Wood and Portmoak Moss.

This circular walk follows pavements and well-made tracks, but there are some short steep sections and some sections can become muddy after rain.

3 miles, 5km - 1½ - 2 hrs