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Holl Reservoir Trailhead

Welcome to Holl Reservoir one of six reservoirs in the Lomond Hills. The reservoirs supply local towns with drinking
water and support recreational fishing. They are also valuable wildlife habitats for plants, wildfowl, amphibians
and aquatic insects. Holl reservoir contains enough water for about 8 Billion (8,000,000,000) cups of tea. With the
other reservoirs on the Lomond Hills there’s enough water to make 4 cups of tea for everyone on the planet!

Find out about individual walks below

East Feal Stroll

Enjoy the calm peaceful surroundings of Harperleas Reservoir nestled at the foot of West Lomond. As you walk through the woodland plantation to West Feal listen out for the characteristic metallic “ Jip, Jip” of the common Crossbill.

Fairly steep wide gravelled track to Harperleas Reservoir, followed by a steep, uneven
often muddy grassy path to East Feal.


4.5 miles 7.25km - 2.5 hours

Drumain Dander

Take a walk on the wild side, through the woodlands beside Holl Reservoir. Enjoy the views across Ballo to
West Lomond.

Well surfaced path across the south side of Holl Reservoir. Steep, narrow uneven track to and through the woodland. Wide well surfaced path leading from Ballo back to Holl.


2.5 miles 4km - 1.5 hours

Bishop Hill Loop

This walk offers ever changing views of Fife and beyond. Enjoy the wonderful heather moorland and the great vista down Glen Vale to the hills of Perthshire. Great wild hill walking with rewarding views of the shimmering Loch Leven.

Fairly steep wide gravelled track to Harperleas Reservoir leading to narrow earthy often muddy paths. Long, steep, arduous slopes to climb on the hill. Self-closing and kissing gates on the way.

7.75 miles 12.5km - 5 hours

The Glen Vale Path

This walk takes you from Holl Reservoir through the heart of the Lomonds to Glen Vale one of the most spectacular and rugged areas of Fife. Watch out for Red Grouse, Whin-chat and Green Tiger Beetles, who make their home in this upland habitat.


Mostly well-made sandy surfaced path with occasional long sections of steep slopes with some steps, bridges and narrow kissing gates.

4.8 miles 7.73km - 3 Hours (each way)