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Falkland Stewardship Trailhead

Welcome to the Falkland Centre for Stewardship Trailhead, we hope that you will enjoying the Estate.  We are committed to developing Falkland Estate as a place where people are learning how to live and work more sustainably. Our interests span from the value of re-skilling our communities to the impact of today’s decisions on climate change for future generations.

Find out about individual walks below

The Temple and Tyndal Bruce Walk

Cross the Maspie Burn and climb up to visit the two isolated and historic buildings with fantastic viewpoints. Take in fresh forest air and to rest and look over the Howe of Fife.  Returning through Grewans Den and the Guelderland walk.                                                                   



Terrain: Uneven rocky forestry road with sections of firm gravel path. Some long steep slopes. Some farmland sections often muddy.

3 ¾ miles /6.1km - Allow 2.5 hours

On this walk

  • Public Toilets

Falkland House Victorian Designed Landscape

Starting with the ornamental pond and the family memorial chapel, the designed views adorn this varied amble through the grounds once enjoyed in private by resident families. Look for exotic tree specimens and carved stone details in these peaceful settings.

Firm earth and gravel paths with some sections often muddy after rain.  Narrow gates and steep stepped sections with some moderate slopes. Narrow bridges.        

1 ¼ miles /2km - 1 hour

On this walk

  • Public Toilets

Maspie Den

Follow the sound of water up the steep sided den to the dramatic waterfalls. You will discover a haven for wildlife with natural rock formations.  Take in the bright  view at the top before returning again through the shady forest.

Narrow earthy and rocky paths with muddy sections. Often steep with many steps and bridges.          

2 miles/3.3km - 1.5 Hours

On this walk

  • Bike Trails
  • Public Toilets