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Craigmead situated in the heart of the Lomond Hills is an excellent starting point to explore this fabulous landscape.

Find out about individual walks below

West Lomond

This walk leads you through the historical working upland landscape of Fife. Present day working activities are easy to spot with sheep playing a major role in the local farming community. Evidence of our ancestors is a little harder to spot. 

Wide undulating well surfaced path, with some fairly long steep sections leading to the base of the hill, this takes you to a long steep arduous slope to the summit.

2.35 miles/3.8km - 2 hours (each way)

On this walk

  • Public Toilets
  • Parking
  • Picnics

East Lomond

This walk takes you to the top of Falkland Hill which is the remains of an extinct volcano formed over 400 million years ago and site of a Pictish Hill Fort. Enjoy 360 degree views of Fife and beyond.

A short steep slope, leading to a wide grassy uneven path, followed by a steep climb to the summit of East Lomond.

1.18 miles/1.9km - 1 hour (each way)

Maspie Den

This is a great wee walk through native woodland alongside the Coal Pit Burn. The walk leads you to the Falkland estate stables and to the village beyond. Look out for the Yad waterfall and the ornate chimneys of the House of Falkland.

Well-constructed bound footpath with some steep sections. Several self-closing gates on the way

1.89 miles/3km - 1 hour (each way)