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Temple of Decision

The Temple of Decision was designed by Alexander Roos in 1849 for the owners of Falkland Estate, Margaret and Onesiphorus Tyndall Bruce. Derived from the Temple of Theseus in Athens, it had a single room with a portico and Roman pediment. The location of the building within the designed landscape was chosen with care. It was to be focal point visible from the Tyndall Bruce's newly built House of Falkland with an element of surprise, first hidden amongs the trees and then framed against the sky. The Temple's name possibly reflects the couple's classical interests, Onesiphorus' memories of the Grand Tour he made in his youth and Margaret's early memories of her Indian childhood.

Work to conserve the building was completed in 2016, as of the Living Lomonds Landscape Partnership.

Temple of Decision, Falkland Estate

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