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Markinch Parish Church - St Drostans

Markinch and Thornton Church, Markinch's oldest and most imposing building is believed to have been constructed during the reign of David I, 1120 and 1150. The tower of the present-day Markinch Parish Kirk is one of the best preserved of Scotland's Norman towers.

During recent works on the 12th century tower carried out as part of the Living Lomonds Landscape Partnership, a massive Romanesque arch has been revealed, which is believed to have been hidden for hundreds of years. The arch formed a link from the 12th century tower to the now-demolished medieval nave. Also, for the first time the original wall surface has been uncovered and a team of modern masons has revealed dozens of medieval masons’ marks and a blocked doorway. The tower and church seem to have been built sometime between 1120 and 1150 and it is hoped that the recent findings will help narrow this down.


This illustration was created by illustrator Bob Marshall and shows the building techniques which would have been employed to construct the church.

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